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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION Does Safari Ltd® safety test their products? For over 30 years, our products have been laboratory tested and have met all lead safety requirements. Safari Ltd® is proud to announce that all our products are phthalate and lead free. What are Phthalates? Phthalates are softening agents added to PVC that can be harmful to children. Our products are also in compliance with worldwide safety standards. Click here for more
Our Toys that Teach® are inspired by nature
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Here are a few recent comments from our SafariFans:

Kudos to your company for taking the time to help provide children with the chance to experience wild and amazing creatures up close and with their own hands - a blind child's way of seeing.

Hillary Kleck Founder of Sensory Sun Educational Technologies

I have used the range of Safari Ltd® dinosaur figures as teaching tools for our Dinosaurs and Diorama classes at the Smithsonian Summer Camp program for many years. These are high quality figures well documented that can be used to interest young minds in science. The dinosaur and tree replicas create enthusiasm about the earth sciences and botany. The best way for kids to learn is to make it fun. It is like having a 3D text book in class for the kid to use.

Randy Knol Prehistoric Times Columnist & Instructor for the Smithsonian Association Dinosaurs and Dioramas Program

My son LOVES your animals! They are his favorite thing to play with! He will be 3 on Monday, and that's all he says if anyone asks him what he wants for his birthday! Now THAT'S a fan!

Regan Giangrande Mother, Massachusetts

Congratulations to everyone at Safari Ltd® for your outstanding achievement of over 30 years as one of the most highly respected icons in the toy industry and for your passion and commitment to quality and authenticity in every remarkable piece that you create! Your play sets have provided countless hours of enjoyment, fun and education for children, including my grandchildren, and it is a comfort to know they are absorbing factual details about each piece while they play.

Susan Mills, CEO International Gift Expo in the Smokies

I wish you knew how incredibly important Safari Ltd® is to our family. Your replicas are treasured and played with every single day :) By far, the girls' favorite toys, they never tire of them.

Raina Angelier Facebook Fan, New York

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