Pick Up Your Sharks!

Snag the sharks seen in the video so your kiddo can follow along and match the shark to the tune! You can also find the perfect shark toy for Shark Week, Bathtime or for a beach/pool day. Whatever the occasion, let your child share it with a Safari shark.🦈



Learning About Sharks Just Got Cooler

A Shark Musical by Safari Ltd

Shark week comes but once a year and we are ready for it. We’ve got sharks and a new singalong educational video that will make learning about these incredible and often misunderstood sea creatures easy and fun for your little one!


How Moms and Teachers Are Using Our Sharks

Learn about how parents and educators are using Safari Ltd sharks and our educational singalong to teach their kids about all the different types of sharks. From sensory bins, to classroom projects to educational activities, there’s a ton of creative ways to get kids learning and playing