Large White Pig

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The Large White breed of pig is one of the most common of all pig breeds, and often used in crossbreeding with other breeds around the world.

Large White Pig

Large White Pig

Scientific & Common Names

Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Suidae
Genera: Sus
Species: S. scrofa domesticus
Common Names: Large White Pig, Large White Swine, Yorkshire Pig, English Large White


This pig breed gets its name from its large size and white fur. Its skin is white or pink. It has erect, pink ears and longer legs than most other pig breeds.


Large White sows are known for their strong maternal instincts. They produce large litters and are known for their heavy milk production.


Large Whites are an active and hardy breed that does well in a wide range of climates and environments. They were originally bred for the outdoors, but do well in indoor settings as well.


The breed was first recognized in 1868. It is a derivative of the old Yorkshire breed and was developed in Northern England. Demand for this pig grew in the 1970s and they were shipped throughout the world.

Present Status

Today Large Whites are the most widespread and common pig breed throughout the world, and have been exported to over 60 countries. They are often used for crossbreeding with other breeds as they have many desirable characteristics. The American Yorkshire, found in the United States and Canada, is a direct descendent of this breed and considered by some to be one and the same.