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From the illustrator of Herstory (a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2018) comes a fascinating and touching book about fifty extraordinary animals that made human history!

Discover these amazing true tales of wild and wonderful lives—animal lives, that is!

We often read heroic stories of brave people who made their mark on history. But did you know there are some pretty courageous 
creatures in our world, too? This captivating collection gathers fifty heartwarming, surprising, and powerful true stories of animals around the world who displayed immense bravery, aided in groundbreaking discoveries, and showed true friendship.

Featuring a range of animals—from heroes to helpers, adventurers to achievers, and many more—young readers will discover some of the most unforgettable animals of all time. Compelling and gorgeously illustrated, 
WildLives is the perfect introduction to some of the amazing animals whose wild lives have made history.


  • 112 pages
  • 10 x 0.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Series: Stories That Shook Up the World
  • Author: Ben Lerwill
  • Illustrator: Sarah Walsh
  • Publisher/Date: Atheneum Books for Young Readers/February 2020
  • ISBN: 1534454845

Age: 8 years and Up

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