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Diabloceratops Toy

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Diabloceratops is an early member of the Ceratopsidae, or horned dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous (81-76 million year ago) of Utah. Like all horned dinosaurs, it was quadrupedal (four footed), had horns on its head, and a bony frill that extended from the back of the skull to cover the neck.

  • History: Diabloceratops is a rare dinosaur, and only recently discovered. Only two reasonably complete skeletons have been found, one in 1998 by Joshua Smith, and a second in 2002 by Don DeBlieux. Both skeletons were found in Utah.
  • Scientific Name: Diabloceratops, meaning ‘devil horn face’.
  • Characteristics: Diabloceratops, at 18 feet total length, was a medium-sized horned dinosaur. It had one large horn over each eye, but its nose horn was very small. As our Diabloceratops toy shows, it had one pair of large, curved horn-like spikes that projected from the back of the short frill, but otherwise, the frill had no other conspicuous projections or ornaments. This particular combination of horns and frill ornamentation is unique to Diabloceratops.
  • Size: This Diabloceratops toy model is 5.75 inches long and 3.25 high.
  • The Diabloceratops is part of the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection
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