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Treasure Chest Kit Builders - Stanley Jr.

SKU 102471

Sometimes the journey and the destination are equal parts of the adventure. The Stanley Jr Treasure Chest Builders Kit teaches your child the value of hard work and gives them a place to store their rewards or start their coin collection.


  • Hours of Fun – Gift your child this fun DIY craft project and see the pride in their eyes every time they use their very own Treasure Chest “piggy bank”!
  • Improve Coordination – Improve your child’s hand and eye coordination with this fun DIY toy kit. Your child will improve his or her hand eye coordination in a short time.
  • Easy to Build – The process of following instructions and assembling the treasure chest proves to be a very useful tool in helping your child have better memory and developing cognitive skills.
  • Customizable Project – See your child design, create & build their very own project by building the DIY Treasure Chest kit and decorating with the included paints and decals.

Age: 5+

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