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Shop Today's Deals: Up To 70% OFF

Juvenile Dragon Toy

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SKU 10151

All dragons hatch from eggs and are small at birth, generally about the size of a cat. As juveniles, they begin to take on the distinct characteristics of their parents, although usually with lighter colors. This young dragon is beginning to develop wings and horns.

  • Characteristics: With a curved tail, folded wings, and perhaps even a smile, this Juvenile Dragon looks downright friendly. It hasn’t grown its teeth yet, so feel free to pet its nose or rub its chin.
  • Size and Color: Juvenile Dragons have slightly lighter colors than their parents, as this light green figure with yellow accents attests. It’s 4 ¼ inches long and 2 ¾ inches tall, about the size of a potato.
  • The Juvenile Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
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