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BiOBUDDi Set of 6 32 x 32 Peg Large Baseplate

SKU 101072

A BiOBUDDi Baseplate provides a creative foundation for anything a child desires to build! This set features 6 baseplates in a 32 x 32 peg configuration, each in a different color. Made of the same bio-based, eco-friendly material as all BiOBUDDi products.

Characteristics: Each flat baseplate is square, with 1024 peg nodes, sized to be compatible with smaller blocks from other popular building block brands, as well as larger BiOBUDDi building blocks.

Size and Color: Each baseplate measures 10 inches long and 10 inches wide. Colors include dark green, light green, blue, gray, red, and yellow.

Compatible with most building block brands.

The 32 x 32 Peg Large Baseplate Set of 6 is part of the BiOBUDDi collection.

All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

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