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1st-Grade Activity Toy Bundle

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Our Elementary Activity Bundle is designed to teach children the concepts and ideas they would be learning in early elementary education, for times of social distancing and quarantine where they may not have the benefit of learning in a classroom. Best of all, when you bundle you save, as this bundle offers a 20% discount over buying individually.

· Characteristics: This set includes an 11 page activity guide with comprehensive activities that encourage hands-on learning through activities focusing on spelling, writing, numbers, sorting, and fractions. Additionally, it includes three sets of TOOB minifigues: Galapagos, River and Farm, as well as three Good Luck Minis Fun Packs: Lucky, Ocean and Wild West. It also includes three large scaled Incredible Creatures figures: the Bald Eagle, the Bearded Dragon lizard, and the Clown Anemonefish.

· Size and Color: Each TOOB measures 1 ½ inches in diameter and 12 ½ inches in length, and contains pieces that range from 1.25 to 3.75 inches in size and feature a wide range of both vibrant and realistic colors. The Galapagos and River TOOBS each contain 10 figures, while the Farm TOOB includes 12. Each colorful Good Luck Minis Fun Pack contains 8 figures, each measuring roughly 1 inch long. The Bald Eagle figure is 7 inches long with brown, white and yellow coloration, while the Bearded Dragon is 8 ½ inches and the Clown Anemonefish is 4 ½ inches long. Both figures are predominantly orange.

Please Note: Bundles are offered at a discounted price and cannot be combined with any other discount, offer or promotion.

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