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FLASH SALE ENDING SOON: Get organized with our Toy Organizer Bin
FLASH SALE ENDING! Get organized with our Toy Organizer Bin

Welcome to the Safari Explorers Club

What is it?

Safari Explorers Club is our premiere loyalty program, gamified for members to have fun while leveling up and earning awesome rewards for purchasing their favorite dinosaurs, wildlife animals, and mythical creatures!

Why join?

Because it’s easy, awesome, full of cool games, free shipping, discounts, cash back, and epic level perks!

Sign me up!

Let’s level up!

Each level in the Safari Explorers Club presents simple and fun game experiences that reward you! Become a Recruit in no time and enjoy a 5% discount forever. Work your way from Cadet to Captain and earn FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE! Each level is filled with even more epic rewards! Accept each challenge and move on to the next level… until you’re a legend

Tier entry Points 0 Points 75 Points 400 Points 1400 Points 5000 Points
Entry reward Earn 0 Points (0 USD) Earn 25 Points (0.25 USD) Earn 100 Points (1 USD) Earn 600 Points (6 USD) Earn 1000 Points (10 USD)
Cashback 1 points for every 1 USD Spent 2 points for every 1 USD Spent 3 points for every 1 USD Spent 4 points for every 1 USD Spent 5 points for every 1 USD Spent
Discount - 5% Discount 10% Discount 15% Discount 20% Discount
Free Shipping for Life - - -
VOTE on What New Figurines We Create - - - -

Collect our awesome badges!

Dinosaur Hunter

Order three different. Dinosaur Figurines

100 Points

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you from Safari Ltd.

50 Points


Order three Safari Ltd. TOOBS

100 Points

Farm Wrangler

Order three Safari Ltd. Farm Animal figurines

100 Points

Dragon Tamer

Order three Safari Ltd. Dragon Figurines

100 Points

Wildlife Whisperer

Order three Safari Ltd. Wildlife Figurines

100 Points

Sea Life Diver

Order three Safari Ltd. Sea-Life figurines

100 Points

Instagram Follower

Follow Safari Ltd. on Instagram

10 Points

Over Achiever

Beat your previous order value!

100 Points

Safari Explorer!

You have earned this because you signed up.

25 Points


You’ve been an amazing shopper for one year!

210 Points

First Order

Earn this badge after your first order

100 Points

Fifth Order

Earn this badge after your fifth order

100 Points

Tenth Order

Earn this badge after your tenth order

250 Points

Refer your friends

Sharing is caring! When you refer a friend to the Safari Explorers Club you’ll snag 20% OFF your order once they’ve purchased some toys. OH! And your friend gets 20% OFF their order too… because that’s how we roll. You pick up toys, we give you more prizes and discounts!

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Redeem your points

Every 1 point equals to 0.1 USD to create fixed amount coupon

Convert 200 points to a free shipping discount coupon

Convert 100 points to a 15% Discount coupon

Convert 200 points to a 20% Discount coupon

Convert 300 points to a 30% Discount coupon

Create an account and join the Safari Explorers Club today!