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Nice to Meet You...

Alexandre Pariente is CEO and owner of Safari Ltd®, American owned and family operated manufacturer and worldwide distributor of educational toys. His role with the company began at an early age in the warehouse of a young Safari Ltd®. He is now full owner since the retirement of his mother, Ramona Pariente, in 2014 after 28 years at Safari Ltd®.

“My grandfather was old school and believed I needed to work my way up. After proving myself, he one day invited me inside... And I never left.”

A strong family history is woven into the spirit of Safari Ltd®. The company was founded by Alexandre’s grandparents, Bernard and Rosemarie Rubel. The photographer couple began the organization with a pair of rummy playing cards and went on to transform that into the museum-quality figurines it manufactures today. Baskets of old photographs and Madmen era ads adorn the walls of Pariente’s office. The managing CEO holds this history close as he leads, but he is further advancing Safari Ltd® and taking the company to new heights.

“Being American owned and family operated is something I feel is really special here. We are literally, and figuratively, one big family,” he says. “Having these values in mind as I lead is part of why I love this business. It’s a strategic balance between keeping the integrity of the brand’s essence and product while constantly evolving it to that next level of growth.”

This innovative approach can be felt throughout the company and its newest collections and educational efforts. Pariente is a creative force and the catalyst of many of Safari Ltd®’s contemporary initiatives, such as SafariPedia®. Spearheaded by Pariente and developed in-house, this wikisource of wild animals dives deep into where, what and how creatures live and thrive. The free, educational online hub is only one of the latest endeavors Pariente will be leading in order to keep the company evolving and giving back, another value intrinsically present in all of his decision making.

“Corporate responsibility and social awareness is important to Safari Ltd®. Period. We take this very seriously. My grandparents started the company with a love of animals and our planet, and I plan to continue that legacy by expanding what that means. The Toys that Teach® concept and Safari Ltd®’s future social initiatives are going to help a lot of people. Exponentially raising our level of awareness helps everyone grow and live in a better place. That is exactly what Safari Ltd® is creating every day.”

Christina Pariente was appointed President of Safari Ltd® in 2014. Since then, she has brought a pragmatic and strategic approach to the business. During her tenure, Safari Ltd® has consistently grown as a company and continues to evolve from a structural and business standpoint.

“I am definitely the more practical thinker,” she smiles. “My background and natural thinking process tends more to the bottom line and how to keep things advancing from a business aspect.”

The former Physician Assistant is a holistic thinker by trade. Pariente was a trained practitioner in the medical arena for over 3 years prior to joining Safari Ltd®. Taking every possible factor of a given situation into account before devising a strategic plan of action is part of the valuable skill set she brings to the company. Under her leadership, Safari Ltd®’s infrastructure has been slowly changing in order to facilitate its constant organic and new business growth.

“I worked my way up the company ladder like everyone else, a philosophy I genuinely appreciated and welcomed. Part of the pros to that experience was gaining an understanding of the company’s ins and outs as a whole. I’m a naturally comprehensive thinker from my healthcare days. I’d take into account multiple factors spanning beyond symptoms before diagnosing a patient.”

This strategic background and firsthand knowledge of the organization’s nuts and bolts have fueled her partnership with CEO Alexandre Pariente and their vision of Safari Ltd®’s future. The husband and wife duo work in tandem and have gradually been propelling the company forward since their leadership commencement. Pariente considers her approach half art and half science, a balance that bodes well for the company.

“Ultimately, I see medicine and business as 50% art and 50% science. At Safari Ltd®, the science is easy for me. Keep developing high quality initiatives and products in order to grow the company and be as big a help to our clients as possible. We’re doing this with our expert Toy Gurus and figurines. And then there’s the art. This is what gets me really jazzed up. Safari Ltd® has that family owned-and-run spirit that cares, not just about our in-house family but the planet, its creatures, everyone. We’re creating and innovating in the name of something bigger than ourselves. Getting to do that every day is pretty much the coolest part of the gig.”