““Play Is The Work of the Child”

– Maria Montessori



Need some Montessori-style play based suggestions to entertain and teach your kids, grand kids or your classroom?! You've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a collection of amazing ideas on how to use Safari Ltd's Toys that Teach® for Montessori play-based learning activities.

What exactly is a Montessori play activity? The Montessori play-based learning activities encourage children to learn through play. It's a method of education that focuses on the child and encourages self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and collaborative playtime; all while promoting autonomous learning. Allowing kids to make their own choices based on internal motivation rather than adult direction will set a foundation for developing capable children! These activities are great for parents, teachers, home school moms, and even grandparents who want their little ones to learn through the joy of play!

Frog Life Cycle
Sensory Bin


Here are even more ways to teach your children about Life Cycles. Learn how with Sensory Bins and Matching Card games!


Block Play

Montessori biobuddin counting

Help your kids learn to love the environment and increase their cognitive function, with BiOBUDDi structured block play!



Sensory Tray

bee sensory bin

Try this approach to teaching your kiddos math! A sensory play tray by Montessori From The Heart with beehive counting cards!



Educational TOOB
World Map

Montessori TOOB activities

Help your children learn about the world with the critters that live there! Learn how to make your own with Safari Ltd's TOOBS!


BiOBUDDi Lagoon
Slime Recipe


Did you know block play promotes dexterity, hand-eye coordination and instills creativity? Plus, kids love it! Here are other examples!


STEM Solar
System Learning

Solar System Learning

Learn how to create a fun STEM learning activity with a Safari Ltd Solar system Matching Game! The opportunities are endless!


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