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Safari Ltd Service Alert - Hurricane Irma

9/14/17 Update on Hurricane Irma Shipping Interruptions:

The storm has come and gone, and while our facility has survived relatively unscathed and our Safarians are all safe, there are still many dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

We are working hard to catch up and fulfill all of our pending orders, but please bear with us as many shipping services are experiencing delays and longer shipping times due to backlogs, power outages and other storm-related circumstances. It may take a little longer, but please understand that we are dedicated to making sure you receive your items. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding, SafariFans!

Attention SafariFans:

It now appears that Hurricane Irma is on a trajectory to affect Florida, where Safari Ltd is based, in some capacity. Exactly how much we will be affected is not certain at this time, but we wanted to let you know that there may be shipping delays and interruptions in the wake of the storm, as our offices may be temporarily closed, roads may be inaccessible, and other concerns related to Hurrican Irma may impact our ability to work with our shipping partners to deliver our product in a timely fashion.

While we will continue to work to ensure our packages get to their final destinations as quickly as conditions allow, please understand that there may be delays that we will be unable to prevent due to conditions beyond our control. We will work to try to normalize the situation as soon as we are able to, though at this time we do not know how significant the impact of the storm will be.

We will provide an update once Irma has passed and normal services are able to resume.