Parents First, Executives Second

Alexandre Pariente, CEO + Christina Pariente, President


Safari Ltd® has always been a family passion. In fact, the story of the company’s beloved spokesgator, Bernie The Gator, is based upon the real life adventures of Bernard Rubel, the company’s visionary founder, and his wife Rosemarie.

Today, Bernard’s grandson, Alexandre, guides Safari Ltd® as its CEO, while Christina his wife, serves as the company’s President. Together, they’re proud parents to a young daughter, Ocean Ray, who certainly keeps them inspired to continue creating Toys that Teach®


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“Family is the very fabric of Safari Ltd®. Inspiring children to learn through the joys of play is a household tradition passed down for three generations that Christina and I now get to enjoy with our own daughter. Watching her playing with Safari Animal Education Toys, reminds me how great my job is, but also how important it is to continue the legacy of handcrafted quality and craftsmanship that my grandfather started. New technologies and things like social media are allowing us to expanding upon his vision, but we will always remain true to the heart and soul of Safari,” states Alexandre.

Alexandre didn’t simply step into the position of CEO. He began his career working in the warehouse and learning about the business of toys inside and out.

“My grandfather was old school, a true believer in working your way up, so you could develop a real understanding of how the business operates and an appreciation for the people who work so hard to make Safari Ltd® possible. So that’s what I did. He gave me the opportunity and I never looked back. Safari Ltd® is in my blood.”

Christina also worked her way up through the ranks, a philosophy which she wholeheartedly embraced. “It gave me a firm understanding of how the company runs, what could be improved, and how I could best apply the skills I developed during my years as a Physician Assistant to Safari. I think of my skillset as 50% science, 50% art and that seems to be a good balance for our educational toys. I love it!” exclaims Christina.  

Under the leadership of the husband and wife team, Safari Ltd® has introduced creative new toys and teaching tools into the line-up. One of the most popular is SafariPedia®, a free wikisource and educational resource that provides kid-friendly insight into the animals of the wild.

Alexandre and Christina are boldly propelling Safari forward, while taking great care to never lose sight of what really matters – the company’s core values. One of the most important is a long legacy of social responsibility. For Safari, that means actively supporting environmental and conservation causes near and dear to their hearts.

“Safari has that family owned and run spirit that cares. It’s not just about our own family but about families and kids everywhere, about what kind of planet they’ll inherit, and the animals they might not see without a strong conservation movement. We have always been active champions of nature and wildlife. Our company was founded on it and we continue to do our best to bring awareness to as many kids and families as we can. We’re creating something bigger than ourselves and getting to do that every day is one of the coolest parts of the gig,” exclaims Christina.

By staying true to the company’s founding principles, while also advancing the mission forward by capitalizing on today’s technologies, Alexandre and Christina have poised Safari Ltd® for even greater success in the future.

“There’s magic in what we do,” states Alexandre, “this is what pumps us up as one big Safari family. We love bringing joy to children through Toys that Teach®. It’s an absolute privilege and everyone at Safari takes this to heart every day we come to work.”