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14" (26cm) Snuggle Palz Monkey

SKU 105502


Discover the joys of learning more about the wild with this cuddly stuffed animal monkey featuring a brown body, cute nose and outstretched ears. This soft plushie monkey is crafted with high-quality recycled materials and features the softest material, perfect for snuggles at any time. Fun follows you when you have these monkey plushies in tow.

Welcome to the world of Snuggle Palz, our unique collection of cuddly stuffed animals that are designed to bring the experience of wildlife to your child, providing endless hours of imaginative play, and maybe even a treasured companion for years to come. Every one of our Snuggle Palz plush toys are made from recycled water bottles.

  • All-day snuggling comes naturally with this monkey plush toy featuring durable stitching and a fuzzy exterior.
  • Swing into all-day play with this realistic stuffed animal monkey with outstretched ears, long arms and a big smile.
  • Monkey fans will love this soft monkey plushie that works great as Christmas gifts for kids or birthday gifts for boys and girls.
  • The wonders of the wild exude from this cute monkey stuffed animal with an adorable button nose and a big heart.
  • Combining play with Earth-sustaining practices, The Petting Zoo is committed to providing little ones with cute and cuddly plush toys that are made from recycled water bottles.
  • age 0+
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