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Pygmy Hippo Toy

SKU 229229

At first glance, the pygmy hippopotamus may look like the baby of its relative, the common hippopotamus. However, it is fully grown at about half the size and a quarter of the weight of its larger cousin. Its nostrils are also less prominent, because it spends much less time in an aquatic environment than the common hippo. 

  • History: Pygmy hippos are endangered due to several factors. Their West African forest habitat is being depleted by logging activity to create housing and land for agriculture. This logging not only shrinks the area that the hippos can live in, but also cuts off populations from one another, limiting their genetic diversity. They are also illegally hunted (poached) for their meat.
  • Scientific Name: Choeropsis liberiensis
  • Characteristics: This small pygmy hippo figure is posed in mid walk, as if trekking through the forests it calls home. This expertly painted and highly detailed pygmy hippo toy figure reflects the hippo’s rotund body, small legs and textured, pebbly skin.
  • Size:  The pygmy hippo toy figure measures 3 ¼ inches long and 1 ¾ inches tall. It’s approximately the size of a credit card.
  • The Pygmy Hippo is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.