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Where is Mr. Wolf? Game

SKU 101436

Blue Orange Games has been publishing and promoting award-winning games for over 18 years! Many of their games help children build important skills, such as dexterity, memory, math, logic, and cooperation! Plus, they're fun!

Characteristics: In this cooperative memory game, everyone works together to help all the farm animals get back to their barns before Mr. Wolf arrives… but where is he? Keep an eye out for him as you flip over the animal tokens. Every time you find Mr. Wolf, he creeps one space closer, and every time you find a farm animal, help each other remember the barn they below to. Bring all the animals to safety before Mr. Wolf comes around!

Size and Color: 2.4 x 10.4 x 10.4 inches

Age: 48 months+

The Where is Mr. Wolf? Game is part of our Friends of Safari collection.

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