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Therizinosaurus Toy Dinosaur Figure

SKU 103643

Therizinosaurus was a very unique-looking dinosaur, with a long neck, hefty body, and most notably: massively oversized claws on its forelimbs! While originally thought to be used for defense or for digging, scientists now think the claws were too fragile to be used for anything other than display.

Scientific Name: Therizinosaurus ("Scythe Lizard")

Characteristics: This Therizinosaurus toy dinosaur figure is convered with a light coating of feathers, with a detailed and accurate sculpt that showcases its plump body and trademark giant claws.

Size: This Therizinosaurus figure measures just over 7 inches long and is 7 inches tall.

The Therizinosaurus is part of the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Collection

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