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Jane's Greybeard the Chimpanzee - Mini Plush Toy

SKU 108131

Straight from the Apple TV+ series Jane comes Greybeard, the title character's plush toy chimpanzee companion! Brought to life through the power of animation, Jane & Greybeard go on educational environmental adventures to save endangered animals. With this mini-sized Greybeard stuffed toy, kids can go on their own Jane-inspired adventures!

Characteristics: This mini plush chimpanzee toy is made of recycled materials and features Velcro material on each of its hands, so it can hang around wherever you'd like. With screen accurate details in a miniature size, it looks like it came right out of the show!

Size: Greybeard features a 20 inch wide arm span. In a sitting positon it measures approximately 6 inches in height.

Age: 3 years +

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