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Twilight Unicorn Mythical Toy Figure

SKU 100741

Though Unicorns are often depicted as being pure white in color, the idea of a black Unicorn has existed as far back as Fifth Century B.C. In his book on the wildlife of India, Ctesias wrote that Unicorns could be white, red, or black. In Ancient Greece, Unicorns were believed to be exotic wild animals, not mythical creatures.

Characteristics: The Twilight Unicorn's striking black coloration stands in dark contrast to its white counterpart. Its hooves and horn are a gleaming gold, and red roses are entwined in its mane. The Twilight Unicorn makes a perfect companion to our Twilight Dragon and Twilight Pegasus figures.

Size: Standing 4 ½ inches tall, the Twilight Unicorn measures 5 ½ inches from nose to tail. 

The Twilight Unicorn is part of the Mythical Realms® collection

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