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Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Crystal Board Game

SKU 104272

Jump from cloud to cloud to reach the sun! This game is for 2-4 Players and game play is 10 minutes. 

Characteristics: The four unicorns Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower and Magic Swirl live in the far away Land of Clouds and are best friends. Playfully they gallop across the soft, billowing clouds, slide down the colorful rainbow or play with the sparkling cloud crystals. Suddenly a terrible thunderstorm is brewing. The unicorns quickly flee from the dark clouds, heading straight for the sun. On their way they want to pick up as many cloud crystals as possible to keep them safe from the thunderstorm. The aim of the game is to reach the sun cloud and collect the most cloud crystals.

Contents:1 game board, 4 unicorns Glitterluck (pink), Stardust (yellow), Marvel Flower (purple), Magic Swirl (turquoise), 60 cloud crystals, 1 pink die, 1 blue die, 1 set of game instructions


Width: 1.97"
Height: 9.21"
Depth: 6.22"
Weight: 0.65 lbs

Cloud Crystal Game from HABA USA is part of our Friends of Safari collection. 

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