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Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

SKU 100861

Help Spike the Hedgehog get his quills back with this fine motor skill building activity tool. Spike's back is full of holes, and kids can develop hand strength through placing the ergonomically designed, peg-shaped "quills" in the holes to make Spike spikey once again!

· Characteristics: This toy includes Spike the Hedgehog and 12 colorful quills. The shell on his back is removable, allowing the quills to be stored within when not in use!

· Size and Color: Spike's ergonomic peg quills are the perfect size for small hands to hold, and the pegs are colored orange, red, purple and green. Spike's shell is blue, and he's brown with a purple nose.

· Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog from Learning Resources is part of our Friends of Safari collection.