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OOLY Happy Pack - Blast Off Power Set

SKU 101134

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite space cadet? This set is great for anyone with their head in the stars. This Blast Off Power Happy Pack includes all kinds of space-themed items for writing, drawing, and fun!

Characteristics: What's in this set? This space themed gift set includes spacey temporary tattoos, a multi pen with 6 different ink colors, a pencil sharpener/eraser combo, a set of 12 stackable crayons, 3 awesome astronaut erasers, and a set of 12 no. 2 pencils.

Size: The full set measures 2 x 7 1/4 x 13 1/4 inches.

Age: 3 & Up

The Blast Off Power Happy Pack from OOLY is part of our Friends of Safari collection.
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