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Grizzly Bear Toy

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Despite common belief, grizzly bears aren’t a single species. Grizzly bears can actually be defined as any North American subspecies of brown bear, including the mainland brown bear, peninsular brown bear, and the Kodiak bear.

History: Although grizzly bears are notorious for being hostile and territorial, the reality is they tend to avoid contact with humans. When a grizzly bear attacks, it’s most likely because it was surprised or defending either a source of food or its cubs. Despite the grizzly bear’s immense size and natural strength, all subspecies are considered threatened in the United States and endangered in parts of Canada. The primary cause for their population decline is habitat loss and fragmentation.
Scientific Name: Ursus arctos
Characteristics: Although grizzly bears are infamous for being more aggressive than other types of bear, rest assured this grizzly bear toy figurine is more interested in the tasty fish it has caught! Designed with lifelike detail, this model is exceptional as a toy for play, as a teaching aid, or as a piece of décor for your desk or nightstand.
Size: 4.5 inches long and 2.5 inches tall, our grizzly bear toy statuette is a touch shorter than a soda can resting on its side.
The Grizzly Bear is part of the Wild Safari® North American Wildlife collection.
All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
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