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28 pcs BiOBUDDi Swampies – Draco Building Blocks Set

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The Swampies are here! Enjoy some fun creative play with these swamp-dwelling friends. This set of 28 building blocks features Draco the Dragonfly, as well as push out cards of his Swampies friends to add to the fun! Like all BiOBUDDi products, these building blocks are eco-friendly, made of bio-based material derived from sugarcane plants.

  • Characteristics: This building block set contains 28 pieces for children to build, play and learn. Instructions can help kids create Draco the Dragonfly. This set also includes a backdrop and character cards that can be removed from the packaging and placed in the included stands for added fun.
  • Size and Color: This set includes pieces of various sizes and colors, including green, yellow, pink, red, brown and purple. Each block is 1 1/4 inches wide, and between 5/8 of an inch and 3 1/8 inches long.
  • Compatible with most other large-sized young children’s building block sets.
  • The Swampies - Draco Set is part of the BiOBUDDi collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

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