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Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit

SKU 104833

This all-in-one craft kit from Kid Made Modern is fully loaded with fun craft activities for any kid who loves mythical fantasy creatures!

Characteristics: This set includes sequins, pom poms, craft sticks and much, much more. Contains over 250 pieces to create all sorts of fantastical crafts, from witches to mermaids to fairies to unicorns. Includes 8 felt pieces, 54 pom poms, 9 half poms, 55 sequins, 28 fuzzy sticks, 16 flocked beads, 24 googly eyes, 20 rhinestones, 8 craft sticks, 12 paper tubes, 2 three yard cords, rainbow glitter, and 40 glue dots. 

Age: 6 years and up

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