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Want your Kid to Love the Environment? Now they can with BiOBUDDi - Safari Ltd®

Want your Kid to Love the Environment? Now they can with BiOBUDDi

Looking for a toy your little one will love that’s also safe for the planet? Perfect, because BiOBUDDi, our latest line of eco-friendly toys, is here and ready to rock this world! 😉These environmentally friendly building blocks will help spark children’s imagination and make you a hero for doing your part to save our planet.

BiOBUDDi is Committed to Build a Better Tomorrow

For this reason, Safari Ltd now carries the eco-friendly products (i.e. eco toys).

We believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through the goods people buy and use every day! Introducing our children to natural toys, as well as animals, helps them learn from a young age to appreciate and care for our world.

From bio-based materials to manufacturing, BiOBUDDi toys raise awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products... so you'll never have to worry!

All the materials used in BiOBUDDi products are made from natural resources. These building blocks have a soft feel, although the surface is rigid enough for functionality.

Don't let the fact that they're made from plants fool you, these toys are 100% durable and recyclable!

How are BiOBUDDi Building Blocks Made?

Curious how these plant-based blocks go from sugar cane to building block? Watch the video below to learn how:


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