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Get your kids to brush their teeth with our DIY Toothbrush-a-saurus - Safari Ltd®

Get your kids to brush their teeth with our DIY Toothbrush-a-saurus

Whether you’re having a difficult time getting your kids to brush their teeth or just want to have some fun with your bathroom décor, this DIY Toothbrush-a-saurus project will help!



You’ll need:

  • Wild Safari® Brachiosaurus figurine
  • Drill


Step 1. Decide how many toothbrushes you would like store and choose a Dinosaur figurine that will fit the number. Our chosen dino fit two brushes.

Tip: The longer dinosaurs can typically hold more. Some great dinos are the Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Step 2. Once you’ve figured this out, it will help to mark exactly where you’ll be drilling the holes.

Step 3. Begin drilling! The choice is yours on whether or not you want to drill through the entire figure or just enough to hold the toothbrush. Both will work just fine.

Caution: try to keep the holes to a maximum of 4 and be careful not to hurt the integrity of the dinosaur’s structure.

Step 4: With holes drilled, grab your toothbrush and bring that Toothbrush-a-saurus to life!

This simple DIY project can get even the most reluctant of kids excited to brush their teeth. As a bonus, they now get to learn at the same time. Not to mention, it really takes the adventure level in any bathroom up a few notches.

Got your own unique way to get kids to do mundane activities? Leave a comment below! Share your Safari DIYs with us using the hashtag #LoveSafari!

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