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Think Outside the Basket | Safari Ltd®

Think Outside the Basket

Traditional Easter baskets are nostalgic and sweet, but you'll want to think "outside the basket" to add some adventure or create a new tradition. Using nontraditional items as “baskets” for all of the Easter goodies is an innovative way to change up your normal Easter routine. We've worked to  gather some unique gift presentation ideas as well some suggestions on "fillers." 


 Life's a Beach

Planning on hanging by the water (or just in the yard) over spring break or summer vacation? Grab your kiddo a Lowtides Beach Chair of their very own. You can use the chair as a “basket” to hold fun Easter gifts. Stock the chair with a mix of plush toys, outdoor toys, books, figurines, puzzles, & games…or stick with a beach theme and include items like: 

 Organized Fun

This is one of my all time favorite Easter “basket” ideas. Use any type of fun storage container as a gift presentation. Kids may not enjoy cleaning, but most do love things organized for them. A fantastic option is the Multicolor Toy Organizing Bin because it has 16 smaller storage boxes inside that are perfect to hold contents of Safari Ltd. TOOBS®, Good Luck Minis®, candy, small art supplies, Plus Plus Blocks, etc.

Another option for an organized gift presentation is to use a toy chest. This Dinosaur Chest is 15 inches in height, 24 inches wide and 14 ½ inches deep, and can hold all kinds of Dino Themed fun! Check out the other adorable 3 Sprouts storage chests for additional theme options.

Art caddies are also awesome to use as a gift holder. They contain several little compartments to store art & craft supplies, candies, small figurines, sensory bin items, or small plush items in each section.

Fort of Fun

Choose a tent or Air Fort to have set up in a secret location. After set up, you can add the chosen gifts to the inside. Arrange items in a display, have them hidden under blankets, lined around the edge, etc. There are many types of Air Forts that you can choose from to match specific themes (for example: Starry Night Fort + Mythical Theme,  Red Farmer’s Barn Fort + Farm Theme, Cabin Fort + Outdoors Theme, Cottage Fort + Fairytale Theme , etc.)

Scavenger Hunt

For your kiddos that love a challenge...instead of simply setting out a gift basket, we do a scavenger hunt every year in my house. You can give kids a reusable tote to gather the goodies that they find. One type of scavenger hunt, that is always a hit, is a seek and build adventure. You start with a building set or puzzle and then simply put a few pieces of the set/puzzle into individual Easter eggs. Provide clues for kids to discover the hiding spot for each. Kids will search for each egg/piece(s) to finally end up with all of the necessary components for assembly.  BiOBUDDi blocks are a great for younger kids and more challenging puzzles work well for older kids. 

Additional small items for a more traditional scavenger hunt:


Gift Sets

Let’s be honest, many of us do not have a great deal of time to shop. If you are looking for something quick and easy, or if you are not into doing multiple gifts, there are many all in one gift sets that would make an ideal alternative to an Easter basket. Check out some of the fabulous sets now offered by Safari Ltd. for a variety of interest:

There are many additional exciting options at by and explore all of the new products!

Whatever way you and your family choose to celebrate, we wish you all happiness and wonderful memory making. 

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