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Thanksgiving DIY: “I’m thankful for” Free Printable

Thanksgiving DIY: “I’m thankful for” Free Printable

It’s a part of the Thanksgiving tradition to … well… give thanks!

What better way to decorate your Thanksgiving Day table than with the gratitude of your guests? This year, download our free DIY “I’m thankful for” printables.

You and your guests can fill in what you’re most grateful for  in the blank space. These cards make excellent dinner party  accessories, working as both décor and an interactive  activity. For added design, feature our Turkey figurine to  accentuate your spread!

What are you thankful for? Are you making any DIY  decorations this year? Let us know with the hashtag  #LOVESafari!

Click on the link to download your FREE Thanksgiving  Printable!

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