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Shark Week: Your Downloadable Printable Party Favors! - Safari Ltd®

Shark Week: Your Downloadable Printable Party Favors!

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We’re getting ready for one of our favorite weeks of the year, Discovery Show’s Shark Week!

Gathering the kiddos and binging on shark stories and up-close cringe worthy shots of Hammer Heads and Big Whites… there’s nothing sweeter. Quality time and educational play are two fundamental parts of raising a family. TV events, like Shark Week, work well in tandem with Toys That Teach®; They’re a natural fit and a perfect way to celebrate these wondrous underwater creatures– while having some fun.

This year in honor of Shark Week, we’re gifting you free downloadable party favors! We know this is a great opportunity to be interactive and extend Shark Week as a learning experience for your little ones. Check out our downloadables in action below– we recommend having some figurines from our Wild Safari ® and Monterey Bay Aquarium® Sea Life Collections to accompany your snacks.

Get your SAFARI LTD Shark Week Party Favors here!

DIY Bonus Tip:

We used corks to attach our free Shark Week Party favors onto snack bowls! Just grab 2-3 corks, cut a tiny slit in the bottom with a knife, stick the cork on the side of the bowl (make sure the slit is nice and snug so you’re cork won’t fall) and tape your freebie to the cork! See some illustrations below:

Safari Ltd® figurines are educational, hand-crafted specialty toys. They’re basically collectables your little ones can play with. Known for their accuracy and detail, educators and parents love these figurines as they allow children to learn more about nature’s creatures while playing! Not to mention, adults really love them too.



Happy Shark Week!

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