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3 Screen-Free Play Ideas to Entertain Your Toddlers This Holiday Season - Safari Ltd®

3 Screen-Free Play Ideas to Entertain Your Toddlers This Holiday Season

We are officially in holiday season! Though a wonderful time to spend with family, we know many parents are having mixed feelings of happiness and panic at the mere thought of entertaining kids during the school break. Ekkk!! Fret not! Although the holidays can be stressful, we have compiled three beneficial screen-free types of play that will entertain your kids... all while they learn!

We've spoken about the many benefits of play therapy around here and we want to reiterate that play is one of the best ways for your kids to learn and develop their imagination–– And it doesn't take much! Check out just how easy it can be to set your kids up for success as you tend to holiday shopping or meal prepping!


1. Sensory Bin Play


Though this type of play requires some set up beforehand, letting your kids engage their senses as you holiday prep is a win/win! Resident poster Emily Limer made a lovely sensory tray with our new 2020 Toys That Teach, some rice, leaves, sticks and a pumpkin! Easy peasy and it will keep your kid entertained for hours. For more sensory bin inspiration, check out our Instagrams Sensory Bin Highlights!



2. Open-Ended Play


Open-ended play helps your kiddo build knowledge, skills and creativity at their own pace! There are no special instructions or rules, simply leave them with toys in an open space (indoors or outside) and let them go! Hand them a few animal figurines instead of a tablet, and you'd be surprised what they'll come up with!



3. Structured Block Play


Have you heard about our new 100% eco-friendly toy blocks? BiOBUDDi Building Blocks are excellent for a variety of play-based learning. Another one of our regular contributors Rylee Metangi discovered how much her kids were entertained and felt accomplished with structured block play. Our BiOBUDDi building blocks come with instructions, so you can leave your kiddo with a pile of building blocks, a photo and let them use their skills to bring it all together!

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