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Safari Ltd®'s WonderCon Wrap-Up - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd®'s WonderCon Wrap-Up

Safari Ltd® recently visited WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim, California to show off the latest and greatest in our Dragons, Mythical Realms, Prehistoric Worlds and Wild Safari lines to the wonderful folks attending this amazing convention. WonderCon has grown into one of California’s premier cons since its inception in 1987, so it was a perfect venue for us at Safari Ltd® to showcase our figures. As part of the Comic-Con International convention family alongside San Diego Comic-Con, it provided us with a great opportunity to meet and engage with thousands of people who may have been completely unaware of just what Safari Ltd® can offer these communities.

"Gryphon King" Larry Dixon with Our Hippogryph The Safari Ltd Dragons Display



And we’re happy to report that the mission was a complete success! Bryan Cross, Graphics Supervisor at Safari Ltd®, manned the booth and was shocked to see such a broad range of fans, many in homemade costumes. “There were people from all walks of life, men and women, adults and children, from ages three to 70, who had never met us before and were excited to see our product and engage with us,” says Bryan.

An Indy Cosplayer with a Feathered T-Rex A Wildling with a Ghostly White Wolf


And though many were not familiar with Safari Ltd® initially, Bryan adds that a few were dedicated SafariFans who pointed out the figures they had back at home, and expressed excitement at seeing new 2017 offerings they hadn’t been able to find in stores. Bryan encountered storyboard artists and designers who used Safari Ltd® figures as reference material, as well as other fans in the tabletop and role-playing gaming community who utilized our figures as game pieces.

Storyboard Artist Tim Burgard with a Feathered T-Rex A Slytherin Casts a Spell on the Incredible Creatures Boa


Con goers who stopped by got to check out dozens of dragons, along with our scientifically accurate dinosaurs, our TOOBS® miniatures, mythical creatures like the Hippogryph, and real life wildlife replicas including wolves and owls. Many items proved extremely popular, including the Cloud Dragon, Fog Dragon, Ghost Dragon, Princess Dragon and Jungle Dragon. The Werewolf, Feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex and Mythical Realms TOOB® also struck a chord with fans.

Mister Sunshine Loves the Sun Dragon! Darth Daffy Warns a Love Dragon


Bryan fondly recalls visitors who returned multiple times throughout the weekend to add to their collections. He says of the experience, “I was struck by the genuine happiness I saw in the people who visited our booth, and the smiles we brought to their faces. Seeing them stop in their tracks when they saw us, I knew we were making a real impact on people.” WonderCon proved to be the perfect conduit for us to connect directly with existing SafariFans while simultaneously creating brand new ones, encouraging them to continue to Discover the Frontiers of Their Imaginations.

To everyone who stopped by to say hi, we'd like to extend a big thank you from all of us at Safari Ltd®!


The Safari Ltd Booth Before the Arrival of the Crowds




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