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Safari Ltd's New 2018 Collection - Part 5 - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd's New 2018 Collection - Part 5

And so, we finally come to it…the last of our reveals for our 2018 collection. Let’s take a closer look at the last wave of our new products for the coming year. Keep in mind, at the time of this writing, many of these products are available now, but a few are coming soon. Keep checking our website to find out when they become available!


Prehistoric World

Our signature collection of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals finishes strong with some fan favorites and all new, never before seen dinosaur figures.

Dimetrodon is a familiar sight, often seen in children’s dinosaur books, although it’s not a dinosaur at all. It’s actually a synapsid, a group of animals that is often described as “mammal-like reptiles”, although that’s a bit oversimplified. Synapsids include today’s mammals, as well as “transitional” creatures like Dimetrodon that fall somewhere between mammals and reptiles. Dimetrodon is known for its large spiny sail that covered its back. There are many theories regarding its purpose, such as that it was a way to regulate the animal’s temperature, or that it was brightly colored to signal to other Dimetrodons.

Malawisaurus Dimetrodon Triceratops


Another returning classic is the Triceratops. One of the most well-known dinosaurs of all time, this brand new figure is our most accurate and detailed Triceratops yet. This dinosaur’s name means “Three Horn Face” and it’s pretty clear why when you look at its pointy brow and nose horns. Best of all, this figure is designed to fit in perfectly with our 2017 Feathered T-rex figure, since both of these creatures existed alongside each other and may have had some confrontations in their time.

The Prehistoric World collection caps off its 2018 dinosaurs with an all new sauropod – the titanosaur Malawisaurus. Malawisaurus is unique in that its one of the few sauropods found with skull material intact, giving us a good idea of what its head may have looked like. Our Malawisaurus figure features a striking and dynamic color pattern to really stand out in any dino display.

But that’s not all! There are still two prehistoric mammals joining the gang. The Macrauchenia resembles a long-necked llama and is believed to have had a short trunk for its nose. While Macrauchenia was a peaceful plant eater, Hyaenodon gigas was a fearsome apex predator.

Macrauchenia Hyaenodon


Incredible Creatures@ and Wonderful Wildlife
Our scaled, large-sized Incredible Creatures® finishes up with three new offerings, including a life-sized, 1:1 scale Spiny Lobster figure. Unlike the “true” lobsters many are familiar with (like the Maine lobster), spiny lobsters don’t have large claws. They also have much larger, thicker antennae, that can be longer than the animal’s entire body.

Spiny Lobster Groundhog Bison


Keeping with the invertebrate theme, we have a newly remastered version of our Scorpion, with a realistic updated coloration and poseable claws and tail.

Our last Incredible Creature® of the year is the Groundhog. Perched on its hind legs, this curious critter seems to be scanning his surroundings for danger. Or maybe, like the famous Punxatawney Phil, he’s checking if he can see his shadow – which means six more weeks of winter according to the lore of Groundhog Day.

Meanwhile, joining our Wonderful Wildlife line is our impressive Bison figure. It’s only fitting that the largest land animal in North America gets a large size figure, and this particular example measures over eight inches long.


Wings of the World

For those SafariFans who were waiting for the birds to get some love, the wait is over! Three new feathered friends are available in the Wings of the World collection, including a remastered Flamingo with updated paint to better reflect its iconic coloration. These birds achieve the rich pink colors of their feathers by absorbing a pigment in the plant and animal plankton they consume.

Flamingo Peregrine Falcon Long Eared Owl



Up next are two birds of prey. The Peregrine Falcon is a widespread raptor, found on every continent but Antarctica. It’s also one of the fastest animals in the world, capable of diving through the air at speeds over 200 miles per hour!

The Long Eared Owl, while much slower, is still a formidable predator in its own right. It gets its name from its ear tufts, which aren’t actually ears. They’re groupings of feathers that give the appearance of horns or ears, and their purpose isn’t exactly clear. They may help individual owls identify each other, or help them appear more intimidating to predators.


Sea Life

Up until now we’ve had a lot of great new mammals in our 2018 Sea Life collection, but it’s been pretty lacking in the fish department. This final wave makes up for that, with three new sharks and one ray.

Gray Reef Shark Whitetip Reef Shark



The Gray Reef Shark is what most people likely envision when they think “shark”, and is one of the most commonly encountered sharks in the waters of the Indo-Pacific. The Whitetip Reef Shark is a bottom dwelling shark that, unlike most sharks, doesn’t need to continue swimming at all times in order to breathe. The Lemon Shark is named for its yellowish hue, which helps it blend into the sandy bottoms of the mangrove shallows it calls home.

Manta Ray Lemon Shark


While the Manta Ray is a species we’ve touched on in the past, our new figure offers a fresh take on this gentle giant. With its fins raised and its mouth agape, this ray is engaged in a feeding behavior, swimming through the sea while straining plankton and small organisms from the water that passes In through its mouth and out through its gills.




You might have thought we’d forgotten about our fantasy figurines in favor of wildlife…but never fear! We’ve got new additions to our Dragons collection, including a pair that’s specially designed to be displayed together. The Ocean & Baby Ocean Dragon are a couple of majestic sea creatures that are an excellent centerpiece to any display.

Ocean & Baby Ocean Dragon (sold separately) Gnome Dragon


The quirky Gnome Dragon, meanwhile, is a perfect complementary piece for any of our gnome themed figurines, especially Gnorman the Gnome.



Good Luck Minis®

Our 2018 Good Luck Minis® may be small, but what they lack in size they make up for in numbers. Our newest GLMs include creatures of the sky and sea, as well as new Fun Packs.

The Toucan is known for its large bill, which is quite noticeable even on our tiny Good Luck Mini®. You can get this new bird in a bulk pack, or in our Birds Fun Pack, which also includes an emperor penguin, penguin chick, cardinal, flamingo, bald eagle, snowy owl, and kiwi.

Toucans Good Luck Minis Hummingbirds Minis Moray Eels Minis Blue Tangs Minis


While Hummingbirds are the smallest birds, there are none quite as miniature as our Good Luck Mini® figure. You can find these in a bulk pack, or in our new Backyard Fun Pack, which also includes a rabbit, butterfly, frog, cardinal, deer, bee and snake.

Representing the ocean, our new Blue Tangs and Moray Eels GLMs are both available in individual bulk packs, or in our Coral Reef Fun Pack, along with a starfish, pufferfish, clownfish, sea turtle, sea horse and octopus.

Birds Fun Pack Backyard Fun Pack Savanna Fun Pack


And last but not least, our new Savanna Fun Pack features an elephant, hippo, zebra, giraffe, cheetah, rhino, male lion, and exclusive lioness with cub mini figure not available anywhere else.

We hope you've enjoyed following along with our 2018 Collection reveals, and thanks as always for being a SafariFan!

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