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Safari Ltd - Perfect for Pinball! - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd - Perfect for Pinball!

Safari Ltd® is always interested to learn about new and innovative ways in which SafariFans are utilizing our figures, and recently we found out about one that was too cool not to share.

Kev Sciortino is a former IT Engineer who now devotes his time to modifying pinball games. He began by upgrading the machines to LED lights, but then began to realize the potential for customization in themed pinball cabinets. He has now been repairing and “modding” the machines full time for four years.

Pinball modification is a large industry with a very active community, says Kev. Pinball modders add lights, decals and other details, including custom “blades”, which are the sheets that cover the interior sides of the pinball game and often feature unique artwork or imagery.

While in ahobby store one day, Kev noticed Safari Ltd® figurines, and realized that they’d be the perfect size to fit into pinball cabinets to accentuate various themes. Since then, he’s been including these figures in his custom cabinets, adding just the right amount of flair to his themed designs.

Wild Safari Bengal Tiger in "Tales of the Arabian Nights" Wild Safari Bengal Tiger in "Tales of the Arabian Nights"



A “Tales of the Arabian Nights” themed cabinet, for example, gets a Wild Safari Bengal Tiger and Cobra to give it that exotic feel, as well as a Mythical Realms Cyclops and Pegasus. A “Fish Tails” cabinet, meanwhile, benefits from an Incredible Creatures® Large Mouth Bass and Kevin the Underwater Adventurer, as well as a Mermaid from the Mythical Realms collection. Kev spotlights the figures and puts them in prominent positions within the cabinet to draw attention to these detailed figurines.

When choosing his figures, Kev goes with Safari Ltd® because he finds the quality and durability hard to beat. “The detail is phenomenal, and they’re basically indestructible,” says Kev, noting that it’s important that the figures be able to stand up to the stress of being inside a pinball game. The vast inventory of products also draws Kev to Safari, and he enjoys scanning the site for new figures to incorporate into his next theme.

Kevin the Underwater Adventurer in "Fish Tails Incredible Creatures Large Mouth Bass in "Fish Tails"


You can see more of Kev’s pinball mods on his Facebook page.



A Wild Safari Cobra in the "Tales of the Arabian Nights" cabinet


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