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Safari Ltd Partners with BiOBUDDi - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd Partners with BiOBUDDi

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Safari Ltd partners with BiOBUDDi to offer USA SafariFans the world's first eco-friendly toy blocks! 

International eco-friendly toy brand BiOBUDDi has partnered with Safari Ltd for exclusive distribution in the USA! The collaboration is the latest in exciting new offerings for the brand, who recently introduced its first partnership brand product line.


BiOBUDDi is the world's first eco-friendly toy blocks for children. The company is committed to making toys that do not harm our environment. Their green biobased toys are derived from plants. Even the packaging, stickers and instructions are eco-friendly!

Cause Branding Collaboration

Safari Ltd, a longtime advocate for the environment, specifically chose BiOBUDDi for this partnership based on both brand's strong advocacy for preservation of our world's most precious resources, as well as minimizing our carbon footprint.

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"We've always seen the environment as part of Safari's story. Our company is about appreciating and learning about animals and the natural world they inhabit with the ultimate goal of preserving it for generations to come. We're thrilled to team up with BiOBUDDi, who is advocating for the same cause, and bringing their brand to the USA as our partner." – Alexandre Pariente, CEO of #SafariLtd 

“Safari Ltd is a global brand and household name whose ethics strongly align with ours and echo in the toy industry. They're a family-run company whose vision fits perfectly with the passion behind BiOBUDDi. BiOBUDDi developed at lightning speed as the first true environmentally friendly toy brand, and we're excited to introduce them to American households with Safari Ltd." – Steven van Bommel, CEO of #BiOBUDDi

About Us

Safari Ltd® is an American owned, family operated manufacturer of hand-painted scientifically accurate Toys That Teach®, based in Miami Lakes, Florida. Their mission is to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play. These authentic, hand-painted figurines have captivated kids, collectors and animal lovers around the globe for over 30 years and 3 family generations. The company’s products can be found in aquariums, zoos, and museums all over the world. Offerings include scientifically accurate figurines based on wildlife, farm animals, prehistoric creatures, and dragons and other fantastical beings. Safari Ltd®’s goal is to provide educational products that allow fans young and old to Discover the Frontiers of Their Imaginations®. Safari Ltd® is also dedicated to conservation efforts across the globe and has contributed to several philanthropic organizations including the MOTE Marine Laboratory, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the Humane Society of Greater Miami, the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, the Nature Conservancy, National Eagle Center and the Sierra Club.

A few years ago BiOBUDDi began to work on the development of the larger size (DUPLO-compatibel) bricks made from leftovers of the sugarcane plant. It developed in 2 years time a unique and patented special compound. The bricks needed to keep their shape and offer the necessary mechanical properties for easy assembly and disassembly even by the smallest children. In 2018 BiOBUDDi supplied the first toy sets with bricks and currently it is selling in over 20 countries around the world. The bricks have a real nice soft touch and bright colors. BiOBUDDi has developed also a special range for educational institutions. It wants to expand the range in the coming years also in other toy product segments. BiOBUDDi is 100% made in The Netherlands (EU).


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