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Safari Ltd® - A Healthy Place to Work! - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd® - A Healthy Place to Work!

Safari Ltd® is excited to be named as one of South Florida’s Healthiest Employers of 2017. Our commitment to a providing a healthy workplace has been recognized by the South Florida Business Journal, who will announce its rankings in its June 2nd edition.

Safari Ltd® has implemented multiple programs and initiatives to keep our workforce healthy and provide our Safarians with opportunities to stay active and fit. Some of these efforts include an on-site gym, a vending machine in the employee lounge that features healthy food and drink options, and a facility without elevators to promote taking the stairs or ramp to the second floor.

Safarians hitting the gym! Fresh fruit at the Safari Health Fair


An in-house organization dubbed SafariFit was even created with the express purpose of improving employee health through a number of events and activities. These include staging a health fair, bringing in guest speakers focused on diet and nutrition, creating competitive group challenges and hosting a field day for employees. They also introduced the “Walking Club” – a group of employees that meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to take 15 minute outdoor walks around the facility.

These are just a few of the ways Safari Ltd® is committed to keeping its workforce healthy and happy. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts by the South Florida Business Journal, and are looking forward to see where we stand in the rankings.

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