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Learning About Penguins Through Sensory Play | Safari Ltd®

Learning About Penguins Through Sensory Play



One of our favorite ways to learn through play is through sensory. Sensory play is the ultimate experience especially when you can create a magical small world.

Sensory Bin Items needed:

What are the ingredients needed for a Penguin Sensory Bin? It's pretty straight forward, see below:


  • A book about Penguins
  • Fake snow

Using the Penguin Bulk Bag and a book about Penguins we were able to truly learn about different species of penguins, their diet and habitat through play. We added in some fake snow to kick off this winter season with an “arctic” feel!

The amazing thing about the Penguin bulk bag is you truly get such an amazing variety of penguins to explore with. We found the perfect book that talks about Emperor penguins, Gentoo penguins, Adelie penguins, and Rockhopper penguins which were all in the Penguins bulk bag!

Since the bag had so much variety we were able to compare and contrast characteristics, group the penguins together, and match the penguins to the pictures on our book. 

Toys That Teach

They were truly fascinated to learn about penguins due to the features in these specific toys. They asked questions about how penguins slide on their bellies, walk and take care of their babies, and why chicks are grey and fuzzy when they are born, but change colors as they get older.

They were fascinated to read the facts about penguins in our book as they explored with a hands-on experience of manipulating the penguin characters. We were able to have conversations about how penguin fathers carefully hold their eggs on their feet in order to keep the eggs from freezing on the ice while the mother penguins built up a food supply to be able to come back and take care of the hatched chick and different geographic locations of these penguins. 

Sensory Play

They loved being able to use the fake snow as they learned about penguins and we added in some scoops for an additional sensory experience. They loved playing and learning about penguins, and this bulk bag made it easy for developmental conversations to happen as they explored.

The added sensory experience allowed for them to be engaged in play for a long period of time while we simply talked and learned together! Safari Ltd’s bulk bags are one of our all time favorite addition to sensory exploration, and these penguins were definitely a hit. We are excited to be able to pull these out over and over again!


RyLee Matangi is a Child Development Specialist & Blogger. Find her work on 

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