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How to Incorporate Toys in Storytelling - Safari Ltd®

How to Incorporate Toys in Storytelling

Telling stories to your children is a great way to nourish their imaginations. Plus, it can help them develop many important skills such as listening, creative thinking, comprehension, and problem-solving. To make storytelling even more immersive and exciting for your child, consider incorporating toys into the experience. Integrating toys into storytelling can help bring the story alive and create an enjoyable, interactive storytelling experience. For tips on how to incorporate toys into storytelling, continue reading.

Have your child use their toys to act out the story

An easy way to incorporate toys into storytelling is by having your child use the toys to act out characters in the story. For example, if you were telling them the story of the Wizard of Oz, you could create a yellow brick road using some paper and have them move their toy along the road as the story progresses. As new characters come into the story, such as the Tinman and Scarecrow, you can add in additional toys to represent them—kind of like putting on a puppet show with toys!

Incorporate your child’s toys into the plot

Provide a fresh take on a well-known story by incorporating your child’s toy into the plot. For example, you could choose a story that your child already knows, such as the Three Little Pigs or Goldilocks. As you’re telling them the story, broaden the plot to include their toy as a new character, or replace the main characters with their toys. If your child has sea animal figures rather than farm animal toys, reimagining the three little pigs as fish could provide an interesting rendition on a classic story.

Create a new story based around your toy

For kids who have healthy imaginations, consider helping them create an entirely new story based around their favorite toy. Start with a general plot point, such as going on a pirate ship or adventuring through the jungle, and make up the rest of the story with your child as you go along. They’ll surely be excited that their favorite toy is the star of the show.

At Safari LTD, we offer a wide variety of toy collections that serve as perfect storytelling props. With collections ranging from fairy fantasies to sea life to realistic dinosaur toys, there is no limit to the number of incredible stories that our toys can inspire. To help your child broaden their imagination and bring new excitement to story time, shop Safari LTD today.

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