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#FREEMOM, A Mother's Day Guide on the art of Treating Yourself - Safari Ltd®

#FREEMOM, A Mother's Day Guide on the art of Treating Yourself

Moms need a break now more than ever...


Calling All Moms! Tell us Your #MOMGoals this Mother's Day

Is it to poop in peace with the door closed?

Perhaps a cocktail by the pool?

Getting woken up to fresh coffee you won't need to chug?

A Netflix & Chill night with your hubby while the kids are sound asleep?

TELL US on Instagram and you could win a gift card to help make your Mother's Day Dreams come true IRL 👑


Dads, it's time to rise up 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼



You want to know one of the best ways to treat the queen of your house AND make sure your kids are safely entertained and learning? Pick up a Homeschooling Bundle, which includes a number of toys that will keep the kiddos busy... The educational toys in these bundles are going to teach your little ones ideas and concepts that they would be learning if they were sitting in a classroom. READ: hours of time to yourselves!



Our Gift To You: Open-Ended Play #SafariLtdSavesTheDay #YoureWelcome



Blocks are one of the best toys to keep the children engaged. Our eco-friendly BiOBUDDi Building Blocks are your life raft! Open-ended block play allows children to get creative, problem solve and strengthen a host of vital developmental skills. Best of all, this works better without your facilitation... In other words, bust out some earth friendly blocks, get your favorite face mask and put your feet up...

Shop organic Blocks:



Our BiOBUDDi Learning The Build sets are part of our BiOBUDDi Building Block collectionBiOBUDDi are 100% eco-friendly toy blocks for children. They are toys that do not harm our environment. BiOBUDDi green biobased toys are derived from plants. Even the packaging, stickers and instructions are eco-friendly!

Don't forget to join us on social media with the hashtag #FREEMOM 🧖🏻‍ for your chance to win a gift card and live your best life like the QUEEN you are 👸🏼 Happy Mother's Day to all the women who keep our lives moving!


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