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#FREEDAD: A guide for the hero on your team - Safari Ltd®

#FREEDAD: A guide for the hero on your team

Dad needs a shoutout now more than ever...



Calling All Moms! Nominate your hubby to win a Father’s Day Gift!

Know a dad who takes one for the team?! Tell us some of the amazing things #Dad does for you and the kiddos! 

We'll be reading and displaying the BEST #FathersDayHero moments. TELL US on Instagram and you could win a $50 Safari Ltd gift card to apply towards the purchase of toys that will keep the kiddos entertained (and learning) so Dad can go and live his best life! #FREEDAD 💙

Need a gift idea for dad?




Pick up an Activity Bundle, which includes a number of toys that will keep the kiddos busy... READ: hours of time to yourselves! The educational toys in these bundles are going to give you and dad the gift of time. Each bundle is jam packed toys to keep kiddos entertained. Bonus: our educational toys help kids with motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and STEM learning, just to name a few. 




Did we mention you can get 20% OFF all Safari Ltd toys on our web site?! Use CODE: FREEDAD 💙


Our Gift To You: Open-Ended Play #SafariLtdSavesTheDay #YoureWelcome



Blocks are one of the best toys to keep the children engaged. Our eco-friendly BiOBUDDi Building Blocks are your life raft! Open-ended block play allows children to get creative, problem solve and strengthen a host of vital developmental skills. Best of all, this works better without your facilitation... In other words, bust out some earth friendly blocks and put your feet up...

Bonus: BiOBUDDi is Made from Renewable, Sustainable Materials

BiOBUDDi toy sets are plant-based blocks. They are made of a plastic called “Green PE” which is derived from the sugarcane plant! This means, BiOBUDDi are made from a renewable resource. BiOBUDDi’s raw materials are CO2 neutral, meaning that the CO2 released through production is offset by the planting of new sugarcane, which helps absorb the CO2. 

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