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FREE Educational Flash Cards featuring Powhatan Indians TOOBS® - Safari Ltd®

FREE Educational Flash Cards featuring Powhatan Indians TOOBS®

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While we’re getting ready for the season by planning delicious meals and gatherings, we don’t want to lose sight of the educational opportunity for you and your little ones.

Historically, Thanksgiving is the day that Native Americans and pilgrim settlers held a feast at Plymouth after having a successful harvest. Both parties gathered together and gave their thanks. The Native Americans had, of course, lent a hand to the early settlers by teaching them how to catch fish and plant crops, like corn.


Lay out your educational flash cards!


This Thanksgiving, make sure to take some time to teach your kids about the rich history behind this great national tradition. Our favorite way to highlight these classroom lessons at home are by using Toys that Teach®. Learning through the art of play has a wonderful way of cementing educational information with kids. They explore and come to realizations on their own–– and it’s fun!


Match the figure with its flashcard!


On the link below, make sure to download your FREE educational flash cards that correspond with the Safari Ltd® Powhatan Indians TOOB®. This provides a creative and educational activity for parents and their children during this Thanksgiving holiday.

How they work: Match the figurines with their respective flashcards! Be interactive with your little ones and ask them about the Native American tribe. There are so many lessons to be learned!

Share your photos with us! Use the hashtag #LOVESafari to show off how you’re using your free educational flash cards!


Don't forget to download your FREE printable!


Download our Powhatan Indians Educational Flash Cards!

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