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Bernie's Birthday Gift to You! - Safari Ltd®

Bernie's Birthday Gift to You!

It's our favorite Libra's birthday this month! On October 13th, we're celebrating our beloved mascot extraordinaire's 37th birthday with a few freebies and specials for our SafariFans! 

Limited-Edition Bernie's Birthday Set

Bernie the Gator is a world-class traveler, but there's no place like home! With this limited-edition set, pick up your own Bernie the Gator figurine and our BiOBUDDi Lagoon Building Block Set at a special price. Have you heard how parents are using these new 100% eco-friendly blocks? Read more about how these all natural blocks can help develop your child's vocabulary and math skills!

Free Shipping on!

Who doesn't love free shipping? Enjoy shipping on Bernie! Pick up Bernie's Birthday Set, or any of your favorite Toys That Teach – including BiOBUDDi Building Blocks – without any shipping charges today!

Use this link to apply free shipping automatically (for U.S shipping costs $25 and under) OR enter BERNIES-BDAY at checkout. Just remember, when the clock strikes 12 on Bernie's birthday, you won't turn into a pumpkin, but this offer will expire.😉


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals on Gift Sets!

Looking for the Perfect Gift for a Special Someone?

Got a birthday coming up?! Our gift sets are on SALE! Safari's themed gift sets give you some of our favorite Toys That Teach at a discounted rate! Use code BOGOSETS to get your curated set before this deal expires on Bernie's actual Birthday (October 13th).



Free Birthday Card Printable for your Kiddo!

Have a birthday party coming up? Download your free originally designed birthday cards! It's our special way of saying thank you for being a SafariFan and celebrating 30+ years of Toys That Teach with us! Of all Bernie's life accomplishments, paving the way for a better world is one of them. So thank you for supporting us daily!



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