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Everything You Need to Homeschool Your Kiddo - Safari Ltd®

Everything You Need to Homeschool Your Kiddo

We Hope You Are Safe & Sound

We know it’s been a challenging time for many reasons as we all observe the recent developments with COVD-19. From all of us here, please know we’re rooting for your safety and sanity. To that end, our Toys That Teach have been a staple in classrooms for over 30 years... including classrooms at home! The homeschooling community often pairing our toys with lesson plans and guided play for their kiddos. That means we have a TON of educational activities and Free resources to share with YOU.

A Word Of Encouragement (Real Talk)

We know what parents need now more than ever are ideas, tips and activities to keep kids entertained, and perhaps more importantly, LEARNING at home right now. This may be your first time home schooling and we know it can feel overwhelming (to say the least).

First, we'd like to acknowledge you. This isn't easy, heck, normal parenting isn't easy! No matter how you may feel, you are doing the best you can. And that's amazing, it really is, so thank you for doing that. Second, we'd like to introduce you to the idea that you know what's best for your child. Now more than ever, trust your instincts. Our parents before us did this without the internet! Lastly, we have your back... and luckily, you DO have the internet! YAY! So here is a resource we will update weekly (or daily) when possible so you can take a deep breath and have the tools you need to be the amazing parent you already are. Let's get started.

At-Home Learning Sample Schedules

You've got your kids at home and an entire day of learning and fun and essential activities to fit. Where to start?! We have a few ideas.

Rylee Metangi, Child Development Specialist & Blogger, created a FREE 5-Day Schedule for parents who don't know where to begin. If you're unsure of what to do, this Weekly Play Schedule guide will help you structure your kid's day from sun up to sun down, including homeschooling activities and lessons through play you can easily do at home!



Hand2Mind, folks who encourage hands-on learning & discovery, driving understanding and helping children unlock their full potential, have some amazing FREE sample schedules you can try out!


Montessori Lessons You Can Do At Home

Many of us are familiar with the Montessori style of learning. For those who don't know, Montessori is a child-centered educational approach to learning based on scientific observations of children. From a Montessori point of view, a child is eager to naturally learn and capable of initiating that learning in a supportive and thoughtfully prepared environment. 

One of our long-time partners, Montessori From The Heart, dedicates her life to putting out weekly lessons that are achievable for ANYONE. That means, you don't need any fancy equipment or degrees, simply your child's innate curiosity and commitment. Many of her weekly activities feature our products!

Here you can access at-home Montessori Activities featuring our animal figurines and building block toys (And simple supplies you have at home)! Here's an example below:


Homeschooling For The First Time

So, you're homeschooling for the first time. The good news: homeschooling is an educational style many parents opt for, and, chances are your child is already used to learning at home due to homework and other educational activities. In response to all the parent homeschooling right now, we've put discounted themed bundles often used for homeschooling (purchasing a bundle means you get 20% all products)! And, we've added additional resources and products designed alongside our products to make homeschooling EASIER for you. Let's begin!

Stephanie Hathaway is an artist and mom who homeschools her two preschool boys. Her curriculum and educational products are influenced by Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio and Charlotte Mason modes of education. Here are some of her Activity Guides that pair with your kiddo's Toys That Teach.




Shop More Learning Bundles and FREEBIE Bundles From Stephanie Hathaway or click the button below to download a unique one we've created for using  SafariFan favorites!



Block Play And Homeschooling: Learning For Preschool & Kindergarteners 

Did you know our BiOBUDDi Building Blocks are 💯eco-friendly and biodegradable?! 💛These environmentally safe Toys That Teach pair well with our animals AND help developmental skills in toddlers (18-24 months)! BiOBUDDi building blocks offer a tangible way you can see a child’s development through them. Just as there are progressive stages of physical development, there are also progressive stages of development through block play. 

Watch this video below for more ways to teach your kids through play:


All the various stages of development through block play for babies and toddlers age 18-24 months can be found here or check them out below. Plus you can also learn how other parents are using BiOBUDDi organic blocks to teach kids math, color-matching, structured play & more!

✅ Bridging ✅ Representational Building Enclosures
✅ Tote and Carry ✅ Building ✅ Complex Structures




Sensory Play

What's a sensory bin? How do you make one and use one?! We've got a handy dandy guide on how to make sensory bins using our toys that teach and why it's such an easy and beneficial for your kids to learn through play!

Plus, you can also find more ideas and how-to's on Sensory Bins here.

Playing Indoors With Your Kiddos


How about good old fashioned fun? Yes, PLAYING for the simple joy of it is actually beneficial for kids (and parents). Research shows that play benefits the whole family, helping to reduce stress and strengthen bonds between kids and adults.

We launched this PSA to illustrate how play can serve as a much-needed source of positive emotions, provide an outlet for creativity, and lead to happier and healthier lives for all. Luckily, this is FUN and we a TON of ideas for how to guide your kids!


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