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DIY Fairy Garden - Safari Ltd®

DIY Fairy Garden



Today we are going to take a magical trip to a wonderful place…your yard!


Fairy Gardens have been a long-time Pinterest trend we can’t get enough of. Not only do they give your garden much needed pizzazz, they’re great for your little ones. Children of any age love fantasy creatures, and sprinkling just a few of our Safari Ltd® fairies and mythical figurines around your backyard will instantly transform your it into your child’s imaginative playground.

You’ll need:

Existing garden space OR

Bird bath, small houses and stones or pebbles

Fairy Fantasies TOOB or collection of larger Fairies

1.     If using a birdbath, make sure to place it in a good location so that it will experience the least amount of direct weather exposure. Intense water and/or wind can wipe out even the most magical fairy gardens!

Once you’ve gotten to this point plan out where you want your decorative elements, you have a few choices.

For the advanced fairy gardener, you can arrange small houses and rocks within your birdhouse setting up a little home for your fairies. Sprinkle your stones and pebbles!

For the more organic fairy gardener, skip straight on to step 2, using a section of your actual garden or yard space.

2. Last but not least, let the fairies loose! Arrange your fairies in any playful manner you’d like. This is a great opportunity to get your little ones involved in imaginative role playing.

Transforming your backyard into a magical fairy garden is a great way to get your kids playing outside and enjoying Mother Nature.

Do you have your own Fairy Garden or Village? Describe it to us in the comments below!




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