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DIY Animal Figurine Canvas Set - Safari Ltd®

DIY Animal Figurine Canvas Set

Your child’s bedroom is a constantly-evolving terrain. For the inner designer in you, this could be your canvas!

As children begin to grow up and develop their own favorite animals, interests or hobbies, they’ll want their bedroom to reflect that. We’ve had our eye on a popular Pinterest project we think is a great opportunity to involve your kids in! You’ll both have a great time choosing colors and favorite animals that will adorn the walls.

This project sets up a nice opportunity to teach as you create. We were really inspired by Babble Blog and decided to add our own twist to their fabulous project… Toys That Teach®.

As you read the simple instructions below, incorporate learning by reinforcing different animals, their roles and what sounds they make. As you decorate, you’ll be flexing your child’s learning muscles and your creative juices all at once!



You’ll need:

  1. Safari Ltd® figurines: You’ll want 1 figurine per canvas, depending on the size of each canvas. We recommend, TOOBS® and anything from Safari Ltd®’s Classic Collections for our medium-sized canvases below.
  2. We chose:Wild Safari® North American Wildlife Gray Wolf , Safari Ltd® Farm Alpaca, Safari Ltd® Butterflies TOOBS® (*This comes with 8 butterflies, so we saved the rest for more fun DIY projects!)
  3. 3-6 small canvas boards (or however many you’d like to place on the wall)
  4. Paint (acrylic paint works best)
  5. Craft Glue
  6. Glitter (in any colors you and your child like best)
  7. Hairspray

Step 1: Choose your animals

This is one of the best parts for your kid. Once you have your Safari Ltd® figurines, splatter them all over floor! Ask your kido to choose his favorites. As they hand you their preferred animals, ask them questions like, what animal is this? What sound do they make? Where do they live?

Step 2: Paint your canvas

Choose whichever color scheme your kid likes. Feel free to get really creative and choose an array! Paint the canvases you chose.

 Step 3: Paint your animals

Using the same acrylic paint, choose the colors with your child. Once the animals and dried, lather them with craft glue, and glitter the side that will show on the canvas. They should take about an hour to dry.

Step 4: Retouch and hair spray

Retouch and paint any areas you may have missed and spray each figurine with hairspray to lock in the glitter!

Step 5: Mount your critters

Using an adhesive, mount each animal on the canvas of your choosing.

Step 6: Hang and admire!

Job well done.


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