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Administrative Professionals Day - Starring Irene! - Safari Ltd®

Administrative Professionals Day - Starring Irene!

It’s Administrative Professionals Day! We wanted to take a few minutes to sit down with Irene Borges, the Administrative Assistant at Safari Ltd, and learn more about how she does what she does so well. 

Tell us about your life outside of Safari Ltd.

I’ve been married for 31 years, and I have three children. I have five cats – I love cats – including an indoor 11 year old cat and some of the neighborhood cats I’ve adopted.

I love God and try to attend church weekly. I love crafting, and absolutely love the beach – it’s a very therapeutic thing for me. And I love to travel.

How long have you been a Safarian?

It's going to be exactly one year tomorrow!

How would you describe your role at Safari Ltd?

I am the face of the company. Anyone who walks through the doors or calls us on the phone – I’m the first person they see or the first voice they hear. You have to have a positive attitude because your feelings will affect how you answer the phone or greet someone. You have to smile – even on the phone, they can tell if you’re not smiling!

What’s your favorite part of working at Safari Ltd?

I most enjoy being able to help other departments, and I take pleasure in being able to assist our Finance and Human Resources departments especially.

What’s the most challenging part of the job and how do you handle it?

When a customer calls with an issue and I need to transfer their call – it’s frustrating to them if you can’t find the right person to get them in touch with right away. You don’t want them to wait for too long, so you need to be able to find solutions in a timely manner.

How long do you think Safari Ltd would last without you?

(Laughs) A lot of people think this job is easier than it is. You have to like what you do and have a good attitude. I think it would be difficult to find another me.

What’s your proudest achievement as a Safarian?

Being able to change industries and adapt to new ways of doing things. It’s like learning a new language. Learning to take the skills I’ve learned in the past and apply them to a new and different field.


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