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A Summer Vacation Kit for Dads - Safari Ltd®

A Summer Vacation Kit for Dads

Summer is here and that means family vacations and fun in the sun! We've got the perfect summer vacation set to keep the kids entertained and learning as Dad gets to enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation!

This Safari Ltd set is for your next ocean getaway! It features several products that will bring to life what your kiddo is seeing during your travels!


Your kit includes:

Ocean Toob

TOOBS® are some of our best traveling companions as they are easy to store and play on the go!


Orange Starfish

This starfish will feel like the real thing in your kiddos hands!


Blue Whale

Attention to detail makes this large Blue Whale figure especially impressive! It's one of our best toys to teach children the magic of this underwater creature!


Biobuddi Artic Set

New to the Safari Ltd family, BiOBUDDi will surely be your kid's favorite new building blocks! These toys are both plant-based and educational, making them the perfect item to complete your Safari Ltd Summer Vacation Kit! Pre-order yours today!

We've Got A Special 20% Discount For You!

Want to build your own custom vacation kit? Here's a discount on us! Simply check out using the code: SummerKit or use this link. Enjoy!



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