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A Baby Shower Gift Set That's Bound To Be A Hit! - Safari Ltd®

A Baby Shower Gift Set That's Bound To Be A Hit!

It's happening: Your BFF is having a baby! This is such a special journey we follow along closely and we can't help but be overjoyed for our mom-to-be. As the baby shower approaches, it's now time to choose the perfect gift... but what is a swoon-worthy present?

Of course, you want something unique that shows just how much you care. You also want something that is in your friend's style... something cool but also useful. Well, relax those shoulders! We've got you covered with the perfect Baby Shower Gift Set!

Safari's Baby Shower Gift Set

This specially curated Baby Shower Gift Set includes Safari Ltd toys designed for toddlers! Our Incredible Creatures line is designed specifically for early years learning and play. This collection holds the only realistic animal figurines in the world for ages 18 months and up! They make awesome bath-time toys and are frequently used for outdoor play!

Did we mention our Incredible Creatures are bigger figurines, so they're also used as decor? While your BFF's bundle of joy grows big and strong, these figurines make terrific decorative touches to any nursery.

With four irresistible Incredible Creatures toys at a discount with this bundle, your friend will have the perfect set for her little one. 


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