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Safari Ltd 2019 Collection Preview - A Little Bit of Everything - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd 2019 Collection Preview - A Little Bit of Everything


Safari Ltd 2019 Collection Preview – A Little Bit of Everything

The new Safari Ltd 2019 Collection is nearly here! It won’t be long now before the entire collection is revealed, but there are still a few items we’ve revealed that we can take a closer look at before we show you everything we’ve got up our sleeves.


Wild Safari Wildlife – Caiman

New for 2019 Wild Safari Wildlife is the caiman. These reptiles are somewhat less well known than their cousins – alligators and crocodiles – and they inhabit the swamps of Central and South America. Part of the Alligatoridae family, caimans rarely grow as large as most other crocodilians, with the exception of the black caiman, which can reach up to 16 feet long.


Wild Safari Caiman Close up detail


Our Safari Ltd 2019 caiman figure is posed with its mouth open – showing off his formidable teeth. Its sculpt showcases the intricate detail of the armored scutes on its back, and its paint features life-like striped patterning on its underside.


Wonderful Wildlife – Grizzly Bear

Safari Ltd has several grizzly bear figures in its Wild Safari Wildlife line, but 2019 marks the first time this massive bear has shown up in our large-size, scaled Wonderful Wildlife collection. Being a bigger figure makes it a great toy for kids to play with, even outside, as it’s less likely to get lost than a smaller item. It also allows for tons of detail, from the expressive face, to its fearsome claws, right down to the pads on the bottoms of its feet!


Wonderful Wildlife Grizzly Bear In the "wild"


Grizzlies are a subspecies of the brown bear (Ursos arctos), and though they once ranged across much of North America, today they are restricted to Alaska, Canada and the far northwestern United States. The name “grizzly” was first used by explorers Lewis & Clark, who spelled it “grisley”. It may come from the word “grizzled”, meaning “with light colored tips on its fur”, or from the word “grisly” which means something scary that causes great fear. While these bears can potentially be very dangerous, especially if protecting their young, they usually prefer to be left alone, like most wildlife.


Best in Show – French Bulldog

Moving on to the domestic side of things, 2019 brings an updated French bulldog to our Best in Show collection of dogs and cats. This newly remastered figure features a unique brindle coat pattern of striped brown and black. The 2019 Safari Ltd French bulldog highlights all the distinctive features of this popular breed, including its stance, its head shape, and even its cute little tongue poking out of its mouth!


Best in Show French Bulldog Close up detail



Dragons – Steampunk Dragon

On the fantastical side of things comes one of the most creative and exciting figures ever seen in Safari Ltd’s Dragons collection – the Steampunk Dragon! This intimidating clockwork beast appears to be made up of various hunks of metal, and the paint and sculpt are so unbelievable you might actually believe the toy actually IS metal (it’s not though).


Steampunk Dragon In the "wild"


This innovative design marks a new expansion of our Safari Ltd Dragons collection, opening new and unexplored avenues for unique and creative dragons in the future. With awesome new figures like this, the possibilities really are endless, and you never know what’s going to come next!


Good Luck Minis

Finally, while they’re quite small – about the size of a quarter – our Good Luck Minis are able to pack lots of details into a tiny package. This year, Safari Ltd’s 2019 Good Luck Minis include seven brand new teeny treasures – a llama, a chameleon, a red panda, a fennec fox, a sloth, a beaver, and a (not so) giant squid.


Chameleons Good Luck Minis In the office Sloths Good Luck Minis


Fur, scales, and even the sticks in the beaver’s mouth are all rendered here in miniature yet exacting detail. These mini figures make great party favors, cake decorations, or bases for DIY projects…or, just keep ‘em in your pocket for good luck!


There’s much more to reveal for the Safari Ltd 2019 collection, and we want to thank all of our fans who’ve come along on this journey with us…It won’t be long now, the full unveiling of our entire collection will happen on September 27th!

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